Becoming A Volunteer

Our volunteers are the backbone of CFSA. Whether you're a nurse with 40 years of experience, fresh out of school, or just someone who is looking to use their time and energy to the glory of God, CFSA has opportunities for you!


Volunteers Manage Projects

Once in the field our volunteers set up clinics, provide manual labor, and any other support to our projects and missions.


Volunteers Lead Clinics and Humanitarian Missions

Our volunteers lead our clinics and missions with the help of local residents and partners.


History and Tourism Opportunities

We offer one or two days during each trip for sightseeing and historical tourism. It is important for us to understand the cultural and historical context of the people and areas where we serve.


Becoming a volunteer is about using your time and talents for the Lord,
showing Christian love to others and about giving back.


Volunteer FAQ

Do i need medical experience?

No! CFSA is not exclusive to the medical profession. Along with medical clinics, there are additional CFSA opportunities that require teaching experience and manual labor. People from all walks of life can be involved in any of CFSA's missions. We have something for everyone! 

how long has cfsa been doing these missions?

We have been doing our work since 2012, but the idea of CFSA has been in the works since the year 2000.

Who usually volunteers with CFSA?

CFSA recruits workers from all walks of life to carry out our medical missions, teaching missions, and manual labor missions. Anyone who is willing to share the Lord's love with others in any number of activities is welcome to join our team.

How many hours a day will I work?

Each project varies. Things are changing all the time.  

Are meals and hotels provided?

A Volunteer's fee includes one meal a day and lodging.

Is there free time?

Yes, there is free time. Usually this comes at the end of each day's work. Typically, the free time is after the evening meal or on Friday and Saturday nights. Sometimes, there is free time during the day, but not always.

What our volunteers have to say

We've sent 135 volunteers to 5 countries across the world. Are you next?


jessie maedke

Jessie was a senior in high school when she joined us for our 2018 ministry trip to Yangon, Myanmar. Her energy and willingness to help in any situation made her a joy to have around!

During my trip I made new friends, tried a lot of new things, and got to show my love for Christ by showing love to others. It definitely changed my outlook on life, and I don’t think I’ll ever forget it!
— Jessie Maedke, Myanmar 2018


Glenn Bechler

Glenn and his wife, Kathy, went on their first medical mission trip to Thailand in November of 2016.  It was such a moving experience for them that they went on a second one to Myanmar in January of 2018.

Volunteering with CFSA has been a labor of love. It gives me a chance to share with others the gifts and talents the Lord has blessed me with. It has been a privilege to work to improve the lives of others.
— Glenn Bechler

Your Next Steps

We can't wait to have you join our team! But before you can do that we need to know a bit more about you and how you'd like to help. So here's what you need to do: 


pick a Mission

We have a variety of mission opportunities in countries across the globe.  


Talk to our team

Once you know where you'd like to volunteer we can answer any questions you have.


raise the funds

The last step to volunteering for CFSA is funding your trip. Don't worry! We're here to help!