From the beginning as a CFSA volunteer you will
show your dedication and hard work through fundraising. 
These funds that are used not just for your expenses, but for the mission as well.


Funding your mission trip is Simple.



Start your fundraiser like our past 130 volunteers who have successfully raised money for their trips and the missions they served.

CFSA uses Donorobox, an online fundraising software, to track campaigns and online donations. Once you're ready to start fundraising we'll work with you to set up your personal donation page! Just pick your mission, fill out our form, and you'll be ready to start raising money. It's that simple!


Step 2

Tell your friends and family about
your mission trip and ask them to give.

The quickest way to fund your mission trip is to tell others about it! Tell your family, friends, and even people in your congregation.

Once you get the word out you'll be on your way to volunteering. Also, a portion of the funds raised for your trip will go to support the mission and anything raised past the funding goal will go directly to the mission itself. Your supporters are not just funding your trip, they're also funding our missions!

Step 3

Get prepared for your mission trip!

There are a lot of things to prep before you can start your mission trip. You'll work with our team to make sure you've got everything in order and are ready for your mission work.


What are you waiting for? Start Fundraising!

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