Meet The Founder and Executive Director



Anne has a Bachelor of Science degree in Education, and served for 22 years as an elementary teacher in various Lutheran schools in the United States.

Since 2000, Anne has been involved with Christian organizations in recruiting, organizing, writing, and public speaking in support of building relationships and expanding spiritual and humanitarian aid opportunities for underprivileged communities.

Currently she holds the position of Executive Director for Christians Forward Southeast Asia.
She has conversational skills in three languages, as well as organizational and program management skills developed throughout her professional career, giving her the necessary experience both to found this Ministry, and to lead it in its mission.




Joe Fraser


Joe has been in the restaurant business for 38 years. He has lived in 22 states and managed restaurants in 30 states. With a wealth of experience, he founded and is the CEO of ‘Bout Time Pub and Grub. The company now has franchises in Utah, Colorado and Michigan.

Joe’s current work with CFSA reflects a Christian ethic and a desire to give back to those who are in need. He is focused on helping the ministry grow. He has been a part of several CFSA teams and is looking forward to future projects.

Jill Holter


Jill holds a Bachelor of Science in Education and has served in Lutheran education in Washington state since 1981.

After learning about the mission of CFSA, Jill was impressed by the scope of caring, hard work and faith present in the organization. She served on our 2018 team to Mexico. As Treasurer, her attention to detail is an asset to this ministry.