B.E. Active in Five

the scholarship fund

B.E. Active in Five is a scholarship fund CFSA has created for those who wish to join a ministry trip and who need help raising their volunteer fee. 
Following a five minute presentation by CFSA’s Executive Director, Mr. Bruce Eberle was moved to step forward and ACT.

He provided the means for CFSA to exist and this program is dedicated to him. 
Those who receive funds from this program are equals to Bruce Eberle’s action in that they will say, “Yes, AND…” instead of “Yes, BUT…”


Travel Expenses

Airfare, hotels, and daily transportation are a significant portion of the cost for our volunteers. CFSA takes care of all travel arrangements for each of our volunteers! 



A main component of our missions are the medical supplies for our nurses and our patients. Part of the funds for each volunteer go towards the purchase of the items necessary to each mission.