Romanian Orphanage Building Project


The Goal

We need 100,000 Euros to build a 500 square meter home for 12 children. These children will live here, receiving a true sense of family, belonging and love for the first time in their lives. They are welcome to live here until they graduate college.

Our Plan

Grants are being written and donations are being accepted for the building of the home. Donations, are also being taken for the taken for the furnishings, fixtures, paint and finishing touches. CFSA is grateful for any amount you are moved to donate. Thank you for your prayers and support.


CFSA in Thailand


The Goal

  • A permanent presence in Thailand!

  • Raise $1 million dollars to fund project.

Our Plan

  • Establish English language assistance for Thai nationals.

  • Support volunteer staff in country.

  • Seek foundation status with Thai government.