The 100% Model

We want 100% of public donations to fund our missions and projects.


Our goal is to rely on private donors, foundations and sponsors to cover everything from staff salaries to basic office systems to office rent and supplies. These donors should be some of our most dedicated.  Their investment fuels our long-term mission, our ability to scale as an organization and our goal to eventually use 100% of public donations for our projects and missions.

Private Investors

Our private partners and donors are those people who understand the power of a major financial gift. Without the generosity of these people, CFSA’s work is crippled.

What does that mean? That means that thousands will continue to suffer! Our private partners and donors don’t want this to happen and without any personal gain for themselves, they are moved to give. We are humbled by their generosity and privileged to have them support CFSA as they do. 


Other Funding



Foundations that have funded our operations:

Antioch Foundation
Christian Aid and Relief
National Christian Foundation


Gifts in kind

From technologies to office furniture, much of what our staff uses is donated by generous businesses. We're deeply grateful to those who provide equipment and materials to help us get the job done with quality and style.

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