Spring 2015 Newsletter

Have you ever been on the receiving end of a betrayal? Most of us have and we don’t like it. Our emotions come boiling to the surface and the rage we feel prompts thoughts that absolutely show we’ve lost our focus. The Lord was betrayed and yet His focus never faltered. Ever. Because of that, we have Life. Life eternal in Heaven. How blessed we are! When our betrayals are HEAVY and it seems we can’t take one more thing Satan will use our lowest moment to scream in our ear, “Say UNCLE!”

It is then we need to focus!! Focus on the Lord and trust in His promises. Trust is hard, but because of the Lord, it’s not impossible. Trust gives each of us the courage and strength to say, “Onward, Christian Soldier!!” and that forces Satan to take a hike. When life gets to be too much, focus on Jesus, trust in Him and be the soldier He has made you to be. There is nothing that’s too big for the Lord to handle. Remember, He is your Leader and the best part? The battle is already won!

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Anne Press