Jacky Stoll

I’m an RN who had the honor of working at the Red Dirt Village in Thailand. I had done medical missionary work in the past but not with my own WELS group. I had been searching for this opportunity. When I met Anne Press at a National LWMS convention, I couldn’t wait to jump on her bandwagon!

The two week trip was just what I had been searching for because it would allow me the best of both worlds, serving medical and Biblical needs. Another plus was that I got to do that with my own faith group. Mission work is something you either like or not. I immediately became hooked. To be able to give to others has been a constant uplifting joy in my heart. Mission work has because a part of what I am now. I am unashamed to wear the given title of “Mission Nurse” at the hospital where I work. It opens up opportunities for the WORD to be seeded.
Anne Press