Debbie Dyjak

I joined the ministry when I received an unexpected phone call from Anne Press, who told me the upcoming mission trip to Thailand was “tailor made” for me as I am a nurse and an educator. She was right. I asked permission to bring our 10 year old son which was very quickly approved.

Letters were quickly sent out to everyone on my Christmas card list and within one week checks started arriving. Among raffles, a yard sale, a dinner, and donations over $5000.00 was raised in 5 weeks. Praise God! He certainly gave me the desires of my heart (I always wanted to be a missionary).

I pray the Lord moves many couples and families and individuals to serve Him in a country that desperately needs to know Christ crucified. Volunteering was not physically or emotionally difficult for me although not being able to speak the language was hard for me (I like to talk). However, we had translators and the spiritual joy of teaching the Christmas story and Resurrection account to a room full of school children was an experience I will always cherish.

God is so good!

Anne Press