Ali Bradley

Christians Forward Southeast Asia (CFSA) has given me two (2) wonderful chances of a lifetime to grow as an individual and to learn about other cultures overseas. The first lifetime opportunity was in Pattaya, Thailand providing humanitarian aid for an orphanage. The team that I was on planted banana trees, sorted donated children’s clothing, and played games with the children. The second lifetime opportunity came when I surprised Anne Press at the LWMS Annual Convention and told her I was going to Cambodia with her. I immediately began collecting medical supplies and then it dawned on me I’m going on a medical trip?

Yipes! What are you doing? Medical is totally out of your realm of expertise! The more I thought about I realized that I didn’t need to worry - the Lord had blessed us with an exceptional medical team everything would be ok.

We provided over-the-counter medical aid to 500+ families that lived and worked in the rural areas of Cambodia. The best highlight and the one thing I loved most was seeing the gratefulness in their eyes. The insight I gained from this experience opened me up to a new perspective in terms of poverty.

I am so looking forward to joining CFSA on many, many more trips in the future.

Anne Press